Special Care Units

Alzheimer's/dementia care is given during the mid to late stages and high levels of skilled professionals are needed for care and treatment

Special care units are "also known as: Dementia Care Facilities, Special Care Units, Memory Support Units, and Residential Alzheimer's Facilities." (Perkins, Senior Living pg. 59)Special Care Units - Health Architecture
Special Care Units offer facilities for sheltered area for wandering, family counseling, support groups, therapeutic activities. Design for residents with Alzheimer's goes away from the typical skilled-care models. Woodside Place was on of the first national models for those with Alzheimer's. Many facilities struggle with supporting a couple where one has cognitive difficulties and the other does not.
Dementia Units are becoming more popular.
(See Alzheimer's Care section)

In dementia specific facilities the gross net ratios averaged 1.42, and 482.53 net square feet per resident. Dementia facilities usually have about 55% more support space then other facilities.

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