Skilled Nursing/ Nursing Unit

Nursing Facility (NF) can give custodial care, rehab care including physical, occupational or speech therapy. They may also proved specialized care for Alzheimer's. The facility provides nursing staff 24 hours, dinning and programs.

Major Program ComponentsSkilled Nursing/ Nursing Unit - Health Architecture

  • resident room
  • nursing unit
  • common facilities
  • support spaces
Minimum size for a quality modern facility is over 600 gsf, but the best exceed 750-800 gsf per resident
Facilities are typically organized in L,T,X,V or Y shapes. There is also the Cluster design concept which decentralizes the support areas.
Nursing care usually exceeds 50,000 per year and is usually covered by resident, family or Medicaid
Cluster Concept
  • uses the day, evening and night to create a "neighborhood" based nursing unit
  • one licensed nurse unit manager
  • dining has shifted from large scale to small scale dining
  • lounge/activity/living room for activities within or near units
  • bathing has changed from centralized to more spalike experiences
Resident Room Features
  • large windows for sunlight
  • multiple light sources
  • cable and telephone place in convenient places
  • typical furniture
    • bed with electric or pneumatic controls
    • wardrobe
    • dresser
    • nightstand
    • comfortable chair
Trends in new or renovated Facilities
  • more private rooms
  • decentralization of staff
  • decentralization of activities, dinning, therapy
  • more homelike
  • more specialized units
  • special features
  • residential looks
  • serve special needs and populations

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