Northwest Missouri Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center

The mental healthcare facility at St. Joseph is a modern one hundred Front Lobbyeight bed long term facility.
The building comprises of three twenty bed wings for the more acute patients and six eight bed cottages. The cottages are used by patients that are capable of performing some tasks on their own and are generally more independent. The wings are arranged to enclose numerous courtyards. These provide an enclosed outdoor area for patients. This area is criss-crossed by walking paths and light shade structures. The cottages line the exterior perimeter of the facility and face the woods or other green space.
The facility has a full staff of psychiatrists, psychologists, RN (registered nurses), and social workers. Additionally various therapists are on staff. Work, recreation, and music therapists are all present to work with patients. Patients have many entertainment options. A gym, music room, and game room work options in the greenhouse and on the grounds. The patients have a separate dining facility, the staff have their own dining facility. The facility has on site doctors and examination rooms for the patients.
The facility is located inside the city of St. Joseph, right next to a high school, this entirely reverses the trends of early asylums to be located in countryside. Other than this trend most other basic concepts of the early asylums can be seen in this facility. Access to nature, good views, regimented daily cycles and plenty of recreational activities. The sedate nature of modern mental healthcare patients allows for both excellent patient to doctor interaction and the safe placement of the facility well within city limits without any serious fences, walls, or barred windows. This facility does not house and criminally insane persons.
This facility was constructed in 1997 to replace a much older facility across the street. That facility was originally built in 1874. It was designed for two hundred seventy five patients. This was quickly filled up. A devastating fire ripped through the asylum in 1879 but this did very little to stop the patient number growth. By the 1950's the population had swelled to over 3,000. The staff were unable to cope with such large numbers and provided little more than custodial care. The downsizing trend led to better conditions through new treatment options and less restrictive living arrangements. The old facility has been turned over to the corrections department and also house the Glore Psychiatric Museum.

Former St. Joseph State Hospital Administration BuildingNew Northwest Missouri Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center

Facility EntranceFacility view from back

Eight person cottage


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