Minneapolis Children's Hospital

Architect: BWBR Architects
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Total Square Feet: 120,000
Floors: 7 story addition
Total Beds: 280 new private patient room
Competition Date: 2005

Goals for the new private rooms
  • Meet the changing needs of patients and their families
  • Minimize the need to move patients
  • Improve infection control
  • Allow easier access to patient-dedicated equipment and medications
  • Promote family involvement
  • Meet the unique medical, emotional, behavioral and educational needs of each child and family.

Family members, caregivers, physicians, and architects were ask to help design a new private patient room layout.
The drawing below is a compilation of all of their ideas. In the end, the room was designed with three things in mind.patient room sketch

Patient advantage
-State of the art patient bed
-In-room refrigerator
-Entertainment such as a flat screen TV, Xbox, and mp3 player dock
-Headwall panels- these are used to conceal some of the medical equiptent used in the patient rooms. It can clear reduce some of the equipment needed in the patient room and leave more space for the patient.

  • Family’s advantage -Pullout bed
    -Privacy Curtain placed around the couch/ bed to provide a little privacy for the parent, families, or caregivers.
    -Flat screen TV
    -Patch panel provided for personal electronic such as laptops, DVD players, and cameras.
    -Comfortable chair for added comfort, or an extra place to sleep.

    Caregiver’s Advantage
    -Caregiver window allows for the caregiver to have a view of the patient without being in the room with them limiting the amount of disruption or disturbance.
    -Flexible work station allows caregivers to have the flexibility to perform note taking and medical record keeping both inside and outside of t patients room.

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