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The Chinese health care architecture is largely influenced by the modern western health care system. So the general layout is similar to USA. hospital.

Functional layout:
General layout - Health Architecture
Image source:Chinese Architectural Design Case book 2nd Edition:Volume 7
Functional components:

  • Medical treatment section:
    • Clinic, ER.
    • In-patient department, infectious patient department, medical departments, ICU.
    • Imaging, surgery, blood bank, physical therapy, pharmacy (western medicine part, Chinese traditional medicine part)
  • Service section:
    • Support unit, equipment unit
    • Laundry room, kitchen,
    • Disinfection chamber, mortuary, incinerator
  • Administrative section:
    • Office
    • Maintain service, boiler room
  • Educational section:
    • Classroom, laboratory
    • Student dormitory
  • Living section:
    • Duty room
    • Bathroom, dining hall
    • Doctor/ intern dormitory

Main flow:

hospital flow
Image source:Chinese Architectural Design Case book 2nd Edition:Volume 7

Design considerations:

  • The scale of hospitals should not be too large or too small, 600 beds~800 beds size is reasonable. Building coverage ration is about 30% and green space ratio should not be less than 35%.
  • The low-rise building and the multi-storey building are better forms for the hospital.
  • The façade of hospital should not use too many glass curtain walls and metal ornamental components. It should give expression of clean and comfort.
  • The new designed hospital should focus on centralized layout.
  • Considering the future expansion, the technical department and parking area should be carefully designed.
  • The modern hospital is not a simple therapy building. It has become a building complex that also contains laboratories, information department, education department and classes.
  • Small supermarket, gift shore, cafeteria and bank should be set in the public area of the clinic and the inpatient department.
  • Use art works, plants and other crafts properly.
  • Create an understandable way finding.

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