Case Study: The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano

Heart HospitalThe facility:
  • Designed by RTKL Architects.The facility is 198,000 gross square feet and has 68 beds. Was completedin January 2007. Construction cost/square foot as $234. Totaly construction cost was $46,300,000.
  • Is one of upscale comfort, advanced technologies, healing environments, and patient-centered care in a five-star service atmosphere.
  • The building utilizes perspectives and vanishing points to accentuate volume in moderately sized spaces
  • This performance-driven design of this hospital is unique in that each floor is dedicated to a specific cardiovascular protocol. The emergency department and imaging services are on the first floor, surgery on the second, electrophysiology on the third, and cardiac catheterization on the fourth. The patient goes to the floor where his/her procedure will be done and stays in an acuity-adaptable suite for the duration of their stay. This allows the appropriate staff, supplies, and equipment to be concentrated near the patient and eliminates cross-traffic.
  • The curved hallways enhance nurse sight lines to patient suites. Service corridors are located out of public sight and hearing.
HallwayThis concave shape puts the widest part of the patient suite on the corridor side, allowing space for an inboard toilet and six-foot doorway for easy entry and exit of medical equipment.

Each suite is 367 square feet a piece. They also include a staff work zone and a patient family zone.

    Expanive views to the outdorrs enhance the suite's healing environment.

    President Mark A. Valentine stated that, "We continue to experience highs and lows: high quality, high volume, high guest satisfaction, and high employee retention rates. At the same time, low mortality rates, low infection rates, low amounts of time in the ICU, and low rates of stroke complications are a testament to our mission of delivering safe and effective care" (Hospital Website)

    The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano is the first and only freestanding, full-service hospital in this region dedicated soley to heart and vascular health care. The facility is a $134 billion, 116 bed facility.

    It provides inpatient and outpatient care - diagnostic, interventional, surgical, and rehabilitation services, wellness and prevetion support.

    The hospital employs 600 employees.

    Included in the four floors are: four cardiac cath labs, 4 electrophysiology labs, 6 operating rooms, 1 endovascular suite, 1 imaging suite, 64 slice cardiac CT, 8 bed post anesthesia care unit, a chapel, 100 seat auditorium and more amenities.

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