Case Study: Stormont-Vail

Stormont-Vail NICU Model

The NICU at Stormont-Vail was designed by HMN architects and Harrell Group Inc. in 2005. The unit was designed to separate staff and patient circulation by grouping staff work areas in a central core and surrounding it with single patient rooms. This configuration moves patient/family circulation to the outside of the circular design, containing staff movement at the center.

The circular design of the NICU enables family interaction within the light-filled surrounding corridor. However, concern for infection control has required the patient room doors to remain closed to the corridor, ultimately inhibiting the anticipated family interaction.

Staff workspaces are open within the central staff core. Infants are monitored from decentralized workstations, in addition to the use of communications technology. Skylights provide daylight to the interior staff work areas.

Positive feedback from the staff and families has indicated the success of this unique design.

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