Case Study: St. Luke's Mid America Heart Institute

St. Luke's LogoThe facility:
  • The recent remodel was done by ACI Boland, was completed in 2011 and consists of 388,000 square feet. JE Dunn was the construction company.
  • It is a 7-story heart hospital where the lower levels include a new cafeteria, administration offices, lobby and shops, a data center, and future radiology and emergency room expansions. Levels 3, 4, 5, and 6 include new CCU, CVICU,surgery and cath labs as well as patient rooms.
  • Is recognized as one of the world's top centers forcardiovascular care and outcomes research
  • Features the area's only heart transplant program
  • Features one of the ten largest transplant programs in the country
  • Staffs the largest team of cardiologists and surgeons in the region
  • Pioneered more than 115cardiovascular research trials
  • Was designed for collaboration and efficiency among doctors and clinicians
  • Was built to accomodate future expansion for the next 25 years
Cardiovascular ICU Room
  • The outpatient center has 16 exam rooms. The area brings together the outpatient clinics for transplant, heart failure, ventricular assist device, liver transplant, etc.

  • Surgical/procedural area was created by the physicians, surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and other staff all collaborating on the design and layout of the area. Cath labs and ORs were built around the central core to provide easy access to supplies during procedures. The ORs and labs are connected through their central cores to allow the cardiologists and surgeons easy access to both areas in case of an emergency. Two hybrid rooms combine the technology of the cath labs and ORs for cases requiring both a cardiologist and surgeon for treatment.

This private room includes enough room to accommodate the patient's family, but with a curtain between the patient bed and couch to allow the physician to deal with the patient in private. The wood tones brings in a homey, comfortable feeling, attempting to get the patient to feel as at ease as possible in this environment. The new rooms in this facility are larger than the old rooms, due to extensive research and interviews with patients and users.
Cath Lab
  • Boom systems in the ORs, cath labs, and patient rooms keep equipment off the floor and eliminate cords on the floor. Equipment can be easily moved around the patient.
  • Integrated OR is a central control system with multiple cameras allowing a nurse to control everything in the OR from a touch screen; including the lights, sound system, cameras and monitors.
  • LiveData OR Dashboard provides a real-time dashboard in the OR.
  • Advanced tube system transports supplies in the OR, cath lab, and all nursing units. This allows nurses and nursing assistants to stay on the unit and care for their patients instead of delivering supplies by hand.

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