Breakthrough Creativity

This page is a working site for exchanging ideas related to the development of teaching tools and content related to multidisciplinary design and methods for exposing students and professionals to cross discipline design approaches.

The world has experienced stunning innovations in a wide variety of areas, including digital processing and graphic representation, genetic theories and the various design disciplines. One dimension contributing to these new ideas is the ability to bridge across knowledge networks and to adapt ideas from a diverse range of intellectual disciplines.

The goal of this web section is to create one point for exploring design leadership in a world that increasingly requires cooperative, cross-disciplinary teamwork. How are successful design (architecture, engineering and product design) firms managing the creative process? What are key characteristics of ideas, knowledge networks and processes that encourage innovation and problem solving?

An initial task identified by our working group is to develop a list of possible approaches, tools, and events related to this topic. (see Ideas page).

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