AAHF Request For Proposal

AAHF is seeking proposals that meet the mission of the Foundation; and address problems and issues related to the enhancement of knowledge and effectiveness of those who create healthcare environments. If you would like a digital copy of the RFP Guidelines and Application Packet please email Lindsey Wagener at lwagene@g.clemson.edu. The guidelines provide detailed information to help you complete the application.

The deadline for submitting research proposals to the Academy of Architecture for Health Foundation (AAHF) RFP FY 2010-2011 is, Monday, November 1st at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Applications shall be submitted electronically via email or on a submitted CD. Please review the guidelines for instructions on submitting an application. We are excited to review the many exciting and innovative proposals we anticipate receiving.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us:

Lindsey Wagener (lwagene@g.clemson.edu)
AAHF Grants Committee Support


Dina Battisto (dbattis@clemson.edu)
AAHF Grants Committee Member

Lindsey Wagener

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